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Aug 3 2008, 01:41 PM
Aug 3 2008, 01:28 AM
Aug 2 2008, 06:43 PM
IMO, Days caters too much to the audience. I've seen it time and time again: They start a story and as soon as they get negative response to it, they change it. Then someone else reacts badly and they change it again and it keeps going in a cycle. We don't know what's going to happen from one day to the next.

You saved me the trouble of yet another long post. Thanks OBK :hail: .

Seriously, it's so hard to please an audience when it's so divided. So many different people want so many different things. Until Days grasps the fact that no matter who writes and what they do they can't please everyone (hell, half the audience will be upset no matter what they do), they will be in this constant cycle of backtracking and dumping stories, leading to more inconsistency. The show's already a watered down shell of itself and it's only going to get worse until Days commits to just trying to do what is right for the show, which is telling good dramatic stories. They need to take risks and they can't worry about pleasing everyone. Just try to please who you can and no more backtracking. If something fails, don't just drop it. Figure out a way to use it to further another story or something and then move on. Days just needs to do what is best for the show as a whole and just needs to worry about telling good stories, which has always been the secret to success for any show and Days is no exception.
LOL. Same song, different verse, and I still agree with you and OBK. I have to chuckle, though, at those who are the most defensive on this. Seems like a couple of people here are hitting a nerve, and good for the nerve-hitters!! I also have to chuckle at fans who claim they'll call their favorites on their shit, but they don't. I know there are some who do, and I totally respect those fans who are able to be realistic. The ones I cannot respect come up with excuses for their favorites and then claim they're objective. Not naming any names nor fanbases. Every fanbase has them, even the ones I used to claim membership to. That's why I swear off fanbases and allegience to any characters. The tides change.
Days catering to the whines of the fans is bad. But what's just as bad are the fans who feel they are DUE something. They're due a good story. They're not necessarily due a payoff for their characters. It's a soap. Give me a good story, even if my favorites break up. Life goes on. Write a good story (which, yes, hasn't been happening for too many characters) and sacrifice my favorites, if necessary, for the good and integrity of the show. I owe THEM the patience to wait things out and see where it takes me. If it takes me somewhere I don't want to go, I FRIGGIN' stop watching or turn to other storylines.
Hey, I can do it. I love Hope, but I wanted to slap her silly when she did stupid stuff like giving Shawn her credit card, for example. I never hesitated to say that. I love Bo, but when he kept falling for Billie's needy demeanor, I wanted to slap him silly. I really liked Mimi, but I would scream at her 'TELL HIM ALREADY!!!" and had no problems saying that. I love Philip, but have no problems telling him he's an idiot for falling for Chloe (because I don't like Chloe).
I also had no problem giving up on a once favorite character when they finally got to be too much. Marlena is one of those characters. Sami could fast become another one. I hated Mimi at one time. I have no problem admitting a once hated character could become a favorite. Belle became that before she was written off. I liked EJ, then was disgusted with him with the EVENT, tried to tolerate him, then was disgusted when he was jammed down my throat by both the show (by his canonization and by radical fans), and now I'm enjoying the writing for him.
And, yeah, I have to chuckle when people blame bad things and reactions of their favorites on the writing. Uh, yeah!! It's the writing for EVERYONE. It's a poor soap writer who makes everyone perfect, because we all have flaws. It'd be stupid to write a character who didn't make mistakes. You can love a character and dislike what he or she does, same as people that you love in real life.
Dang, I have got to find something else to do while I recover from surgery or I'll get in trouble again!!!! :tounge: By the way, I'm speaking in general terms. If you think I'm pointing this at you, well, who knows? But, it's easier to speak in generalizations, like Tim says. I realize there are realistic people in all fanbases to whom none of this applies, and I'm sorry if you feel you got swept up in the net of condemnation. It wasn't meant to be.
Flawless post, ladyofthelake :hail: .
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