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Aug 3 2008, 03:36 PM
Aug 3 2008, 02:49 PM
Aug 3 2008, 01:16 AM
Glad the topic got back to Ava LOL.

I don't think the character was a waste nor was it stunt casting. Days wanted a story for Steve and Kayla and SN pushed for Tamara to be considered. It wasn't like they dreamed up the role for her.

I think the Ava story was to be nothing more then a strike story but she was liked by the cast and crew and, believe it or not, she was liked by many fans. Plus, she already had many fans to begin with. Where they went wrong though was quickly tying up her current story with Steve and Kayla and not climaxing it properly, meaning they had to backtrack later and attempt to fix it. Plus, the whole father angle wasn't played long enough but I guess with her only being here for 6 months you can't do much. I think Days felt they could convince her to stay if they got her out of the Steve/Kayla thing and she did seem happier and acquired even more fans once tossed in with John and Nicole. I don't expect John and Marlena fans to like her or Steve and Kayla fans (who actually appreciated her acting talent at least) to like the character. That's fine but to call her a waste I just can't agree with. She's a talented actress and somehow the character, despite everything, ended up being pretty good and that says alot as new characters usually take forever to amount to anything on Days. It's a shame she is leaving because she had major potential and the show could use more people outside of the main families as enough incest is going on as it is. I hope she returns someday.
I completely disagree. I think they went wrong by bringing on a new character and shoving her down the audience's throats. She was the center of that Payla story... I don't know how it could even be called a Payla story since it was mostly about Ava kidnapping Hope. But really it was an AVA story. Then that did nothing for the ratings because the audience was expected to care about Ava and nobody did. So because the press and some fans raved about the actress, they decided to keep her around and shove her into another story for no good reason. There was already enough conflict in the J&M story... but they decided to eliminate Marlena and bring on AVA and make it the story all about JAWN the jerk and his little mobster girl friend. They even had to rewrite the character to put her in the story, since they spent time trying to redeem her and have her move on from married men and being pathetic. I don't care who told tptb or TB that she was well received and a big hit, but she sure didn't do anything for the ratings. Again, it's a soap rule... you don't bring on a new character and center the show around her and expect the audience to care.

And I didn't say the actress was a waste, I said the character was a waste. I didn't even hate Ava. I just thought she was pointless and a waste of time. Interesting that you somehow think J&M fans didn't think she was a good actress, yet you think S&K fans did? How on earth can you make such a statement? Have you polled every J&M fan? Every S&K fan? You seem to want to disparage J&M fans somehow.

While the ratings did not go up during the Ava/Steve/Kayla story, they didn't go down. They didn't go down until June and I think the ratings downturn has more to do with a lack of direction amongst stories (which goes back to Days being hesitant over where to go because of fanbases but I digress) and also because barely anything was happening. It wasn't exciting at all. At least during the Ava story some were curious as to the Steve/Ava history and what would happen.

I also disagree about the story not being a Steve/Kayla story. It delved into Steve's past and that affects them and their future so it was just as much as Steve/Kayla story as it was a Ava story. Ava drove the action of the story and most of the effects were felt by Steve and Kayla, which IMO makes this more their story then Ava's.

I will just disagree about the J&M/Ava stuff because I think it's been argued ad nauseum. I still think it fits nicely with other aspects of the story but I will agree they kind of shoved her in there. I do feel it worked though and I think it would've been much better had the writing for Marlena not been dreadful until recently.

I also never said that J&M fans did not appreciate the actress. I honestly don't know if they did, which is why I didn't mention that J&M fans did. I know Steve and Kayla fans did because I saw posts in many places where they said they liked the actress and her work and even felt they could enjoy the character away from their couple. I never once said I knew for sure J&M fans did not feel the same.

Just for the record, I used to be a J&M fan and got back into them with the new take on John. We have had some very nice posters here on the DR that are J&M fans and they can attest to the fact that I don't go out of my way to bash J&M fans or any fanbase. I just post my view like everyone else. No one has to like it but it is what it is and I have to say some of the reactions in some of the threads the last few days supports my points and the points of others...that fanbases (Not every fan in them, mind you) are helping to kill this show.
Shouldn't the ratings have gone up though? If she was so popular and appreciated? If the "S&K" story was a hit? They spent a lot of money and time on that story. If it had been an S&K story, the S&K fans would have liked it. I believe it was universally rejected by them. Just because it brought up Steve's past, doesn't mean it was a story for S&K fans. No, it was all about AVA, and introducing that character, and using a supercouple to do it. Yes, Ava drove the story, but S&K weren't even allowed to react to it. There was no fall out. Ava was never a threat to them. What were the effects felt by S&K? Other than the short term threat to the health of the baby? The same will be said about her effect on J&M. It will be non-existent. She is gone, and that's it. That says to me that it was a waste of time.

Ok, I understand what you are saying about not knowing what J&M fans felt about the actress. I guess the way you worded it by saying "at least", it implied something that you didn't intend.

It is very apparent on this board that there is a general overall dislike of certain fan bases and how we are killing the show, that is why I have rarely posted since joining. The same attitude is prevalent on SON - or at least it was when I last went there. It gets tiring having to justify what kind of fan I am or not and why I don't think we are killing the show.
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