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Drake's interviews have gotten weird since the coma and the whole real life fan incident but that Storms/Braun comparison is weird, if only because they played completely different roles and I can't even see how one can compare their acting styles, regardless of talent.

Whatever the case, sorry to see her go. Tamara will be missed and I do hope she returns some day.

I do like the way she leaves as it will leave John crushed and will make it hard for him to trust in a way. It leaves him in a volatile state just as Stefano returns. Good stuff.

I also want to add that Drake owes alot to Dee. It was the J&M pairing that really got his career going and put him in a situation where he could take off as an actor and character. I think Dee did to Drake what other beloved characters and their portrayers did for Dee in the 70's. By way of interacting with her and being in story and paired with her, he became big and his role went from a short-term gig to long-term, much like Dee's did thanks to those around her and the stories that were going on. I think Dee carried the pairing early on but in the 90's it was pretty equal as they both did their part. I do think at least Drake wants to try out other pairings, which is obvious from the Jate and Java pushing. I think Dee kind of just goes with the flow, which is both a good and a bad thing. I do think Drake is ok with J&M because he knows about the fans and all but I do think he's sick of it. I can see why he would. Actors want to be challenged and are always looking for something fresh.
I feel for actors that are bored with daytime, and working in a medium where they play the same character. If they want to do something different they should go find work in theater or prime time or movies. Like it or not, daytime is unique and the actors who thrive in it know this. Drake has thrived in daytime, but if he's bored now, he should find other avenues to explore instead of expecting his fans to embrace this new character and forget the real John. I just don't find nuJohn appealing in any way.
Are you forgetting all the DRAKE fans who LOVE this new character? All the fans who were meh about John who LOVE Jawn?
Once again, you can't sum up the feelings of ALL his fans, because it's been pretty obvious there are Drake fans who don't feel the same way you do. And to say that maybe he needs to find a new job just because he's enjoying what he has now and you don't? I wonder which fans wanted him back after John's "death", but only on their terms.
It bugs me when the actors and their feelings are not taken into consideration. To hell with Drake and his personal feelings about his job! :huh:
OK, off my soapbox again.
Why should fans care what the actors want??

For PhoenixRising05:

First of all Drake owes NOTHING to Deidre Hall. The only person he owes is the casting director that saw some thing great in him when he went for the job interview. Obviously, it is all about Drake because Deidre was paired up leading men before Drake came on. Her pairing up with those men never came close to the pairing up with Drake. John and Marlena had six good months together, then Deidre left Days for 5 years. In that time Drake and Days soared and moved on without her.
Deidre actually had a lot to say who was cast opposite her. Drake has said so himself. One of the bigwigs thought he gave a poor test but another one said that the chemistry would win out.

Besides, Drake has never been part of another supercouple. He even admitted that he was afraid of being fired before Deidre came back because the Staci/Drake pairing hadn't been going over.

Still, I agree that Drake's staying power has a lot to do with Drake, just like Deidre's staying power has a lot to do with Deidre.
I found some interesting stuff about that on Drakelicious' website. These are comments from Drake and Staci Greason back in 1991:

At no time did Hogestyn ever think he might be out of a job. "Actually, I'd wondered about that (very thing) a couple of months earlier," the actor admits. For most of the first half of 1991, Hogestyn and his onscreen partner, Staci Greason (Isabella Toscano), were on the back-burner. He points to the Cruise of Deception as the last time they had a major storyline. "We stayed on the ship; we went down with it," he declares ruefully.

"We were doing two days a week. You know, DAYS has got a great network. I don't know what they have, but boy, they've got flies on the walls somewhere to find out information. Word was they had run out of story for Roman and things might be changing. I inquired and they said no. Fortunately, this story came along. I'm thanking my lucky stars the producers could get together with Wayne and Deidre to spin me off into a different area." He and Greason never discussed possible repercussions. "At the point (Northrop and Hall) were coming back, we thought, 'This can only help us.'"

Staci Greason agrees with her co-star's assessment: "I was excited. Our characters were pretty lame. Drake and I were hoping for some kind of life for our storyline. We were finally going back to work. I felt like I was an over-paid extra at a party scene. This feels good." She thinks Hogestyn's character has been freed from being locked into the cop/father mold and has more options.
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