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I wonder what the new co-head writer at Days has to say about all of this - along with the rest of the writing staff.

The way the story is being portrayed is that Ed Scott (and maybe this actress) are doing all the work. It takes A LOT of work to pull together the storylines and scripts. Are the rest of the writing staff just sitting around doing nothing? Or is Ed Scott directing them to redo stuff also?

I just find it hard to believe that Ed Scott and a few actors can pull together all of the storyline planning, script writing and dialogue of a multi-person writing staff while still carrying out their other respective duties. IMO, there is definitely more to this story than what has been told so far.

eta: To clarify because it seems like this is a sensitive subject on this board, I am not criticizing or bashing Nelson when I say there is more story to be told. I am simply stating that as a reason why I am not ready to call for any actress or person's firing because I think we only have a small piece of the picture that has been presented to us. And the picture could look a lot different once we see the rest of it.
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