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Aug 4 2008, 12:23 AM
The thing I want to know is the time frame because, if it was only recently, then we may not be seeing the onscreen effects until now. I would really like to know what stories were affected and how severely they were affected. I'm keeping an eye out while watching and the show is improving and it had a very different feel on Friday so I keep wondering if we may be entering the period onscreen where the show began to be affected by all this.

i agree the timeline is the most crucial thing. But I donīt think we wil see the rewrites anytime soon. Itī s more than three months now when Dena wrote on her blog about the story she is just writing for Nick. That story is undoubtedly his relationship with Melanie and we just saw the start. And letīs look how old the casting call for Melanie is yet there are scenes we have yet to see. The HW is usually 3 to 5 months ahead with his storylines and outlines, so whatever crysis the show had in the last few weeks, we will not see it atleast till early fall.

This is the tricky part, because Sheffer was fired and immediatelly after his stories started to improve. The decision to let him go was done in October last year, when the ratings were still terrible, but it improved dramatically from January when ironically he was already gone and Dena worked overtime to quickly resolve all the stories which just proved to be succesfull. Thatīs why Iīm not so hurry into another HW change. Every HW has his own vision and his own couples and characters he wants to write for. And it takes some time for audience to get used to that. I think Iīm slowly accepting the Higleyīs vision, Iīm starting to like some stories and couples and I think the worst thing which could happen is another radicall change.

Oh, and I agree with someone above who said no human is capable enough to rewrite entire show from scratch. Few scenes here and there sure, but entire storylines? Noway. Ed Scott spends most of the time in the studio and the taping is going on almost 24/7. He would have to hire an entire writing team on his own and I seriously doubt they would be doing it for free.

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