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Totally agree, as I have noticed how bad KA has looked lately. The sunken cheeks give her a snout, and it sucks because Kenny, that clip was awesome! She was so gorgeous...and I loved seeing Alice again. How old was that clip? Because I remember watching it and Bo and Alice looked so young...can't be that long ago! And I loved Billie too! Poor Billie never stood a chance. Great times!

And Melanie reminded me of either Rachel McAdams or Nora Jones. Thanks for the Notebook clip too, Kenny *Ryan Gosling - swoon!*
She is pretty. And I can only hope for a Melanie/Nick/Chelsea triangle...and Melanie wins. Sorry, but it is hard to get behind Nick/Chelsea after how absolutely shitty she has treated him in the past.

I miss Ava already. But I guess that she must go in order to make room for the Pheonix storyline. Maybe we shall see her again when she shows up with Ryan John Black Dimera Jr. right about when John and Marlena are at the altar getting married. Good stuff!
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