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Aug 4 2008, 01:29 PM
Totally agree, as I have noticed how bad KA has looked lately. The sunken cheeks give her a snout, and it sucks because Kenny, that clip was awesome! She was so gorgeous...and I loved seeing Alice again. How old was that clip? Because I remember watching it and Bo and Alice looked so young...can't be that long ago! And I loved Billie too! Poor Billie never stood a chance. Great times!

And Melanie reminded me of either Rachel McAdams or Nora Jones. Thanks for the Notebook clip too, Kenny *Ryan Gosling - swoon!*
She is pretty. And I can only hope for a Melanie/Nick/Chelsea triangle...and Melanie wins. Sorry, but it is hard to get behind Nick/Chelsea after how absolutely shitty she has treated him in the past.
That clip was 1995-ish. So about thirteen years old.

I totally hear you re: Ryan Gosling! LoL I fell in love with him when I saw The Notebook. I also cried my eyes out like a little bitch through the entire last half of it, LoL. But I digress...

I used to be a Chicklet, but not anymore. Chelsea treated him like shit and that really dampened my love of her. For a while there, I was all about Chelsea and I loved the character and I loved her pairing with Nick, but ever since she got in Daniel's orbit, I just can't stand her. The dynamic between Chelsea/Nick simply hasn't been the same since, and it's sad because they really had potential to be a big thing for the show. Damn the writers -- whoever they are! LoL
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