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Sides for "Kelsey- babysitter"

Carver House

Abe walks in the door to find Theo playing with his babsitter, Kelsey.

Abe: (puts on a happy face) Hey, you two!

Babysitter: Look, Theo, Daddy's home.

Theo doesn't acknowledge and continues to play with a matching color game.

Abe: How's my big guy, huh?

Abe gives Theo a hug.

Babysitter: You must've gotten off work early.

Abe uneasy, nods.

Abe: So, how was he?

Babysitter: Terrific. He loves this new color game.

Abe: (To Theo) Did you have fun with Kelsey?

Nothing from Theo, who is focused on his game. Abe takes some bills out of his wallet, hands them to the babysitter.

Abe: Thanks for everything.

Babysitter: (smiling) Anytime. I love hanging with Theo. We're still on for next week, right?

Abe: Can I get back to you on that?

Babysitter: Sure. Oh, I almost forgot (picks up an envelope) Kathy asked me to give this to you. It's the evaluation from his last appointment.

Abe: Great.

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