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Aug 4 2008, 03:48 PM
Aug 4 2008, 03:27 PM
Aug 4 2008, 11:57 AM
I respect all posters opinions and their right to watch for only their couple but I find it sad as an original viewer of Days that people tune out because of the direction (or lack of direction) their couple is taking. It would be nice if we were all fans of the show as a whole.
Guess what? I used to be a fan of the whole show for many years. Unfortunately, the show has declined so much in the last several years that the only thing left for me is watching my favorites. I'm not directing this at you. but I'm so tired of blaming fans or groups of fans when the show is tanking instead of focusing on improving the show with some good stories. That's what will get me to become a fan of the whole show again.
I agree jules. I'm not a general fan, but I'm still at least interested (and I used to watch the whole show too). But in the end it is the general fans that make and break the show. They are the ones that count in the ratings. I don't have a Nielsen box, I never have. Blame Ken Corday, blame NBC but please do not blame fans. Most of the stories that have aired over the past 5 years could have been okay, with just little changes here and there, it's usually the execution that leaves fans wanting. They always go to extremes and then end stories without payoffs or explanations. I know as a fan, I've never wanted that. The Steve/Kayla/Ava story is a good example. Fans wanted the fall out, they wanted it played out on screen, but did the writers listen to that? No. The actors involved were very vocal that the writers had no intention of addressing any of the fallout. In the end there were a few scenes, but it should have been just part of the story and happened months ago. So ya, the writers need to take responsibility for the mess they are in right now.
ITA, and in terms of giving stories enough time to develop, I can only comment on the recent J&M ones. I heard that the Malex story was actually extended, so I can't see where J&M fans benefited from that. Next, they were put on the BB for the summer until Sheffer came along. I was actually happy with him at first because he gave them something to do and did have a big story planned for them that was cut in February...John was put in a coma and Marlena did nothing for months. Did I make noise? Yes, asked for J&M to be given a story. Instead they got to read letters and John was killed off. Did I make noise? Yes, I asked for John to come back. He did and it was supposed to be a J&M love story, but it became the furthest thing from it that was possible. Throwing Ava in when they knew the actress was leaving no sense and served only to alienate some fans and made them tune out. And as far as pairings with others J&M have been in so many triangles or had interlopers, that I've lost count. And most of those were given plenty of time to develop.
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