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I really hope they DON'T make her Nicole's daughter. That would just be.. not right. Firstly, Nicole's what? Early to mid 30's? She's way too young to have a daughter that seems to be nearing 20. And I don't think they're playing it out with Nicole winding up being the girl's mother. There's been NOTHING to point that way, aside from the baseless assumption of fans.

Connecting those stories like that would just be hokey and contrived. Am I the only one that feels this way? It's just way too predictable. There needs to be something more to this and her winding up being Nicole's daughter would be stupid. Trent already is a pretty shady guy, so having a daughter that's a bad girl isn't so far out of the realm of possibility. No need to add Nicole to that mix.

Onto something else: Also am I the only one that would like them to bring back Ashley Benson as Abby and start pairing her back up with Max? I was just watching a few clips of them on Youtube and they were really cute together and had that playful chemistry together that Max and Steph are completely devoid of.
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