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Aug 4 2008, 04:30 PM
This Theo stuff comes off as unintentionally hilarious rather than anything.. compelling or sad. I think they made a bad call going with the autism storyline. "What do you think about that, Theo?" "........" Eh.

I think they should have given him some profanity-laden condition instead. I can see it now! "What do you think of getting to know Chelsea, Theo?" "Fuck you, mom!" Or maybe Tourette's. Just so that he would randomly scream out "CUNT" or "BITCH" while Chelsea's talking to him.
Uh, THAT would cause tongues to wag!!! LOL. There's only so much they can make that poor little actor do.That being said, who the hell is Chelsea? Does this chick have a set personality anymore? Somehow, the whole OT assistant isn't working for me. I dunno. I did half expect him to throw a tantrum (not unexpected in autistic kids, especially if their routine is thrown). There was a huge disservice done to the whole idea of an autistic child storyline. Very sad. They make a big deal out of it, and it hangs there. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Today wasn't bad. I will miss Ava. I liked her departing scene and the direction and editing. I do hope she comes back.


Eh, maybe Phorgan will grow on me. I should be more excited about a coupling for Mr. Handsome, though!

This Melanie is intriguing. NICK SIGHTING!! I'd love to see Melanie and Nick together. Screw Chelsea. I loved how Nick pretty well shrugged her off and let her know his life is HIS to lead.

Jawn, I love you. But the Beeker hair has got to go.

I love the dynamic between Victor and Kate. I just do. He always has this look of exasperated affection for her.
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