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Aug 4 2008, 04:46 PM
Uh, THAT would cause tongues to wag!!! LOL. There's only so much they can make that poor little actor do.That being said, who the hell is Chelsea? Does this chick have a set personality anymore? Somehow, the whole OT assistant isn't working for me. I dunno. I did half expect him to throw a tantrum (not unexpected in autistic kids, especially if their routine is thrown). There was a huge disservice done to the whole idea of an autistic child storyline. Very sad. They make a big deal out of it, and it hangs there. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I was expecting a little freak out tantrum from Theo, too. Especially with all the touching. I have a friend who works with autistic kids, and he said that changes in routine and environment are difficult for them to handle, as well as touching. I realize that is a general statement, not all kids are the same, but you'd think they would explore some of the real problems that families have to cope with in their day to day life. If you're going to tackle a subject like this, you really should go all the way with it, otherwise it's just boring filler.
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