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Aug 5 2008, 12:46 AM
Aug 4 2008, 01:36 PM
Aug 4 2008, 03:51 AM
as a member of a fanbase i wont accept any resposibility for this mess DOOL is in, sure i dont watch when the stories arent good for the characters i like...that doesnt make it my fault or any fanbases fault imo. they should write better for who the majority of fans want to see...i just know there is a way to find out who the majority is in this day and time especially, i will never believe there isnt a way...this isnt brain surgery...its just a soap opera...a soap opera that has my fav characters on it not being written true to character thats why i have been tuning out these past two months. i wont take the blame for horrible writing.
Maybe you tried calling the comment line one too many times on speed dial.... :D

I honestly don't think you're getting the point. The crappy writing, in part, has to do with trying to make fanbases happy. Ejami fanbase included. Your signature itself indicates that you're pretty adament about wanting your way,hell or high water. So, if TPTB wants to make all EJami fans happy, then Lumi fans will be unhappy. Then they try to make Lumi fans happy, and Ejami fans aren't happy. SEE THE PATTERN????
in which case they need to just pick what couple they are gonna write for and cut their losses on whichever viewers they lose. there is no way they wont lose the spurned viewers who lose and dont get their couple no matter what they do so just have it done with. and i have never been rude or obnoxious on the comment line just tell it like it is but very politely you dont catch many bees with vinegar you gotta use honey!
I disagree to an extent. Days should pick what characters they are going to write for and then stick to it HOWEVER, they should take the attitude that the story will be so kick-ass good (and make it so kick ass good) that those opposed to the characters start rooting for them.

Currently Days is trying to cater to all fanbases and falling on their asses. The characters are taking a beating and the fans are fed up. I really think there is a calender in the writers room telling them which fanbase they are going to try and appease on that day.

At the end of the day its about quality writing more than anything. Characers and couples have come and gone as proof that no one couple or character is THAT essential to the show but when the quality of the writing is gone, so are the viewers.
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