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I heard this in Greenville at the Days event...

During the question and answer time someone asked the all important question about the HEAD WRITER controversy!! NO ONE wanted to answer that! They just looked at each other waiting on someone to take the question---so finally a brave RACHEL took it!

Rachel told us that she found out about the mess ON LINE just like we all did! She said "I read the message boards all the time, because I have NO life" then she went on to say that all they know is that Dena is back at work-and it APPEARS that she is staying. And she made the point to say that they were NOT allowed to write their own lines. They all kinda giggled at that..

THEN Bryan said "Im just going to tell you Ali Sweeny is the new head writer!--There I said it!!" The look on the others face was PRICELESS-they were like I CAN'T BELIEVE BRYAN JUST SAID THAT!! Now Bryan teased all weekend long-so no one knew how to take it-but the cast sure got a kick out of him saying that.

Of course afterwards everyone was speculating that perhaps Ali was the Diva????? I personally dont see it being true. Who knows!!

But according to them--it sounds like its OK now. Darin mentioned it again later on when we were talking about him dating his niece--and he said he never knew what his scripts might say, and I said "yeah and you never know who the writer might be" and he said "No I think we are fine now and Dena is staying."

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