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This is how I see it playing out...

Nicole-EJ's girlfriend/maybe wife
Sami-EJ's mistress/ Lucas's wife
Lucas-Private DICK!
EJ-Gangsta together w/ Nicole having an affair w/ Sami
Philip-nother' gangsta
Chloe-lounge singer w/ Philip who is then dumped by Philip who falls for Private DICK

I see it playing out as Nicole being w/ EJ initially, but EJ is having an affair w/ Sami who is married to Lucas. Sami breaks it off w/ Lucas to be w/ EJ. Nicole begs EJ to stay w/ her, EJ is indifferent to Nicole but in love w/ Sami. Nicole wants revenge on Sami and EJ. Nicole and Lucas team up, but Lucas has a change of heart and moves on w/ Chloe. So after being dumped by EJ and left to seek revenge by herself. Nicole goes crazy tries to kill EJ, but misses and kills Sami. EJ is devasted and seeks revenge on Nicole.. that's jmo of course!
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