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I'm shocked, truly shocked how gorgeous Alison Sweeney looks in those pictures...I seriously doubted out of all the ladies she'd be able to pull this look off, but I think she's blows them all out of the water...(hurts to saaaay!!) even Arianne. She just looks...wow, and she's pregnant! That must be it...or the hair, something. Damn, why does she look so pretty? Maybe it's the black and white...er, it's gotta be cause she's next to James...well, then again, she looks fantastic with Bryan too. Okay, I'll stop, but she does look beautiful.

Ari again, totally pulls this off. I bet Nicole is going to be the mysterious 'other woman' for Ej across the room while he's with Sami. Total vixen!

NB looks...the same, lol.

JKJ is fucking sex. Love it, dude, I'm loving this, and I don't give a damn about most of these characters anymore. He looks fantastic with his hair slicked back, and James...oh James, there are no words. Gah!

Watch, just watch, I'll love these episodes and it figures they're only temporary! If they're really good, maybe Days and just turn itself into a new era, like, same characters, same stories (okay, nix the stories) and just pretend they're in the 40's. I'd love me some 40's era Koz, SN, and PR...okay, KA can come too.
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