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The issue is it's just bad timing. Days has too many stories going and summer time is just not the type of time. Your trying to attract young viewers and viewers who are home. That sort of story won't do it. I recall when Days did the fetal alcohol syndrome story with JT and it began in the summer. They barely did anything with it but it wasn't promoted heavily. They promoted this so heavily that one would expect this to be on a few times a week. We're lucky to see it every two weeks. I still think it was forced on Higley or even on Days in general. It just reeks of it. It feels like Higley and those behind the scenes have no interest in it at all.

It also sticks out like a sore thumb. You have these big stories like Stax in France, J&M and Stefano and everyone involved there, B&H and the Victor/Philip/Paul/John/etc stuff...it just feels out of place. This story would've worked around April or so but now it just feels like nothing more then filler. There isn't enough focus and there is just too much going on to provide that focus. They should just do what they can, acknowledge it from time to time, and move on. Involve Lexie more in the Stefano plot and have that challenge her marriage in some way. That would fit much better right now.
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