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Several different ways at looking at this.

First. Bryan is very close to Ali so if she is the diva, I think he would have an idea if she is so I doubt he would just come out and say out. However, on the other hand, the reactions to his saying that could also be looked at as suggesting that he said something he shouldn't have. Of course, that may fall in line with the show wants to keep a lid on the subject in general but still. Reactions can be telling. Bryan does joke around alot like this but he will sometimes say something in a mocking manner that is actually true so he doesn't get in too much hot water and so it doesn't look malicious. I'm not quite sure what my take is. I don't know if he would just openly throw her name out there if it's true but who knows. Maybe there was a falling out or something. I doubt it but still.

I applaud Rachel for addressing the issue. I like that Darin addressed it in a way too and he did subtly hint at the fact that direction can change and you never know who may write and what may change.

Good stuff. I think one thing we can definitely take from this is that this was a big deal and that something big did go down, judging by the reactions of everyone there. Another thing is that this isn't going away. It's died down but this issue is likely far from sorting itself out.

On another note, TPTB need to stay the hell away from the NBC boards. That board is the last board that should be looked at for feedback. Not surprised Bryan and Rachel seem to read the boards. I think most actors and actresses do, at least the ones who have thick skin as I think you need that because there will be bashing and I think they get that.
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