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I agree with Tripp, to really get involved with this story, we need to see Theo more the struggle this is causing the couple. It was one day Lexie talks about things being odd with Theo and the next day we find out he as autism. Many of us were not pulled into how Theo's condition was affecting the Carvers. They didn't try and make us feel bad for the Carvers, we are just told that we should feel sorry for them because their child has this condition.

As an educator there have been times where I have worked with kids with autism. There are different types, extremes and how children behave with it. It had the makings of a very good story, but writing team didn't take the energy to draw us into the struggles where we would feel for the characters. I look at Night Shift in what they are doing with Jagger's son. Now I know it is really early in the story, but there is something wrong with Jagger's son. We are seeing on screen how he reacts in a different way when Robin touch one of his stones. We saw how he reacted to not being able to go to the zoo. As viewers we are brought in to how he is not acting like a typical child. We are also seeing how Jagger just wipes it off that he is a sensitive kid where Robin sees it in the "medical" sense. Still isn't the greatest, but they are putting in the effort to try and make us feel for the characters.

Parents don't always want to admit that there is something wrong with their child because they don't want to feel they did something wrong. They could have really told a great story about Lexie being a doctor and something is right with her child. We could see Lexie trying to look at it in the doctor mode where she can see a boy not developing at the normal rate and then as the parent trying to protect her child from everything. Right now with this story, as well as most stories on Days, Theo having autism is just a plot point that is brought out here and there. I just don't feel like we are ever seeing how this really affects them. No one is going to grow and change from dealing with this.
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