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Aug 6 2008, 08:38 AM
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I agree with Nelson. Philip & Morgan are boring; JKJ and KR have no chemistry.
Wow. So, in other words, JKJ is no good unless he's with NB? :huh:
Personally, I feel there's been some renewed spark with Philip and Morgan now that she's not whining about Daddy.
Jay and Kristen are doing a great job in the anti-chemistry department with each other on their own, Nadia has nothing to do with it. Actors either do or don't have a spark together, and to my perception, they're not generating anything with each other on screen, the scenes feel empty. I thought Jay had great chemistry with Martha, even though Phelle rank up there as one of my most hated Days couples. He has pretty good chemistry with Arianne, although I never want want Phicole to be paired. I think the accusation from Phorgan fans that the only people who dislike them together and don't see an epic love story and mind blowing chemistry are those who want Philip with Chloe is getting pretty old, and it's inaccurate, to me anyway, considering that I've seen many who have no interest in Chloe/Phloe but still find Phorgan lackluster at best.
Actually, I don't consider myself a Phorgan person at all. I have been noted to post that, as little as a few weeks ago, I didn't see much there with Philip and Morgan. My OWN post above noted that now she's not whining about Daddy, I see more spark and more fun with them. So, swooping me in with Phorgan people ain't gonna work. I don't claim allegience to ANY couples fanbase, but go with the flow and call 'em as I see them WHEN I see them. A couple of weeks ago, I did say I didn't want them together. Now, I'm calling it differently because the dynamics are different.
But I do find it ironic that there are folks with Phloe banners that continue to bash the Phorgan couple just to bash them, in my view. I just don't consider that an objective criticism, based on my experience with general fanbase dynamics. I'm more apt to believe more objectivity from those who don't claim any fanbase. It's just my prejudice and observation from dealing with boards for a while. BUT in the past, I have noted fanbase members who will admit to seeing chemistry or good stuff with the "enemy", even if it goes against everything they wanted for their couple. I say kudos to them. That goes a long way with me, because even Jett had his good points. :D
Hell, I've even been known to say a good thing or two about Marlena.
So,yeah, until I see someone of the Phloe fanbase say something good about Morgan, I'm going to have that opinion.
And, if someone who is not of the Phloe fanbase bashes them, I might not like it, but I'll accept it because I'll consider it more objective.
And no, I'm not on pain meds this morning.
I know that you don't join fanbases, I've seen you say that on other message boards as well, so I was not attempting to lump you with the Phorganers, although I see how it could be interpreted as such since I was replying to your posts. I simply said 'Phorgan fans', and I meant that as general people who support that coupling. I've been told by quite a few of them that I only dislike Morgan because she is with Philip.
And I was generalizing as well. Honestly, can you DENY that this is the only reason some Phloe fans don't like Phorgan? It's like the Shimi fans who couldn't like Belle, and the Shelle fans who couldn't like Mimi. Marlena fans who don't like Kate or Ava. Ejami fans who don't like Nicole. Yada, yada, yada. Again, if there weren't Phloe fans who didn't seem to go out of their way to bash Morgan at every turn, I wouldn't even have that assumption.
I never pointed you out by name, and my comment wasn't even directed at you.
But, like Forrest Gump says, "That's all I'm going to say bout DAT"
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