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Aug 6 2008, 12:26 AM
Aug 5 2008, 10:58 PM
Aug 5 2008, 04:41 PM
There WAS build-up. This was written about several times on this board. On and off, Bo has discussed this surprise for Hope over the past few weeks.
Oh, well....
How is that any kind of buildup? Why is he doing it in the first place? So random...... :shrug:
It is buildup because it all goes along with the past few years and what Bo and Hope have been through.

The whole Zack/Chelsea thing, the plane crash and Bo's father dying, Bo's illness and nearly dying, Hope being shot and the whole Ava situation, and now this latest situation with Philip and Victor. They've been tested and been through alot and that is what is driving Bo. He's mentioned it several times since June when this stuff was hinted at. He told Hope at dinner back then about how life was too short and after all they've been through, he felt something special was in order. I do agree that Steve and Kayla should be in line before Bo and Hope but I do think there is enough there and plenty of buildup to back up this Bo and Hope ceremony too. I don't think the show needs to blatantly build up to something. That goes back to JER-style writing where he built up something so much that it made it too obvious and it was annoying. You don't always have to spell things out for viewers. I think everyone knew what Bo was planning right after his dinner with Hope in June where he talked about everything they had been through and how he had something special planned. That and the "Summer of Romance" promos hinted at it too and they aired before the last segment of the episode a few times and Bo mentioned what he was planning a few times to family members last month. The surprise angle is part of the romance and aura of it all. He's sweeping Hope off her feet in a sense. It works for who they are IMO.
Thank you, Tim.
Bo had almost lost his life. He lost the man he considered his real father. It wasn't too long ago he discovered a daughter he thought was fathered by someone else. I'd say those are life-evaluating situations that would call for a romantic man to want to renew his vows with his wife.
Not to mention, he almost lost said wife due to circumstances (Zach, Chelsea's meddling). Yes, the timing is off for that, but why pick nits? Hope is standing by his side on this whole Philip thing. He's got a kick ass wife who ISN'T afraid to kick ass to protect him, even if she has to kick HIS ass to do it.
Sure, I think this could also be Steve and Kayla's story, but they chose Bo and Hope. Both couples have reasons. Is it the best timing? Apparently, that's up for argument, because we have posters here who are giving good reasons WHY it's good timing, but others apparently disagree. But the fact that there are reasons, coupled with the hints that Bo has been dropping....well, that's good enough for this fan.
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