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Great read. Peter sounds very open and honest. I like that. It didn't come off as him hiding anything. He discussed what he loved about daytime and even what he hated.

TVG: Having been an integral part of the golden age of soaps, does the future of daytime depress you?
PR: When I came back to the show 13 years ago, I was surprised Days was still here because the industry hadnít moved with the times in terms of writing and production. I thought for many years we should accommodate our audiences because they have other choices. Back then, we had four networks, and no computers. Itís much harder to grab our audiences. We need to be edgier and get them talking to bring Ďem back.

I agree with him 100%. The reason why soaps have been so successful in the past is because they pushed the envelope of their time. I think the 90s were the very last "age" of soaps where the soaps had an identity, and we're still in that age now. It hasn't changed and that's not a good thing. We need to get into the new milennium. Look at shows like Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy and House, etc. They push the envelope and they're successful. Soaps can do it so much easier due to the fact that they're telling an ongoing story about a diverse group of characters. But that doesn't happen. It sucks.
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