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Daily spoilers

Monday, August 18th
Nicole, devastated that E.J. has chosen Sami over her, begins drinking and dreams up a black and white film noir fantasy.

Tuesday, August 19th
In her fantasy, Nicole accuses E.J. of having an affair with Sami; after she finishes daydream, Nicole rushes to the hospital to check on E.J.

Wednesday, August 20th
John is able to activate the ventilation system at the hospital; Marlena is visited by her dead twin sister and they argue over whether or not Marlena should give up on John; Stefano hands baby Joe over to Rolf.

Thursday, August 21st
Roman briefs Abe on the situation at the hospital; Lucas and Chloe run into Stefano; Kayla and Steve wake up and realize Joe is gone; Stefano, in a pre-recorded message, says he wants to press charges against Marlena.

Friday, August 22nd
E.J. and Tony agree to unite and fight John's take over of the family empire; Stefano tells Rolf they must go underground; Kayla wants to know why Stefano took Joe; Marlena's initial prognosis is good; Lucas tells Nicole it's over between him and Sami.

**UPDATED 8/7**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Nicole is shocked that EJ has chosen Sami over her; EJ tells Nicole that their marriage is over.

Nicole's fantasy continues.

Marlena is visited by her dead sister; Stefano hands baby Joe over to Rolf.

Steve and Kayla discover baby Joe has disappeared; Stefano shows Lucas a feed of Sami and EJ sharing an intimate moment.

Lexie checks in on Marlena; Lucas tells Nicole that it's over between him and Sami.

**UPDATED 8/8**

SOW Sneak Peeks

Roman thinks Stephano caused the lockdown.
Rolf has baby Joe.
John faces his old self.
Lucas insists he and Sami are over.


National Enquirer spoilers

Marlena gets advice from her dead twin.

Stefano vows revenge on the new John.

Steve and Kayla find baby Joe.

Marlena awakens with just one question for John.


**UPDATED 8/12**

Daytime Dial spoilers

Nicole asks if EJ meant that he wanted to give their relationship a shot.
Marlena’s dead twin has some advice for her.
Stefano vows to get revenge on the new John.
Chloe and Nicole team up to get their men and leave Sami in the cold.
EJ and Tony agree to unite to take back their share of the DiMera empire from John.

Thursday – Steve and Kayla find baby Joe and fear what has been done to him.

Friday – Marlena regains consciousness and has just one question for John.


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