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Aug 6 2008, 01:45 PM
Aug 6 2008, 07:33 AM
Jay and Kristen are doing a great job in the anti-chemistry department with each other on their own, Nadia has nothing to do with it. Actors either do or don't have a spark together, and to my perception, they're not generating anything with each other on screen, the scenes feel empty. I thought Jay had great chemistry with Martha, even though Phelle rank up there as one of my most hated Days couples. He has pretty good chemistry with Arianne, although I never want want Phicole to be paired. I think the accusation from Phorgan fans that the only people who dislike them together and don't see an epic love story and mind blowing chemistry are those who want Philip with Chloe is getting pretty old, and it's inaccurate, to me anyway, considering that I've seen many who have no interest in Chloe/Phloe but still find Phorgan lackluster at best.
I'm one of the people that have no interest in Chloe/Phloe and haven't been watching for a few weeks and then watched live the other day and saw nothing between Phil and Morgan. It's something that should just hit you. Like I said, I felt more energy between Philip and Hope (not romantic) then Phil/Morgan where I felt no energy at all. I did see the chemistry between Martha's Belle and Jay's Phil though.
That is how I feel about "chemistry" as well, and to me it's not something that can be created with writing. It's a natural vibe between the actors that shows on screen.
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