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Aug 6 2008, 03:29 PM
Aug 6 2008, 03:28 PM
Aug 6 2008, 02:28 PM
I had more than one source on this story, HOWEVER, I chose not to quote them because I felt it gave them away. Moreover, I had WGA sources. And a source close to Higley (I've never spoken to the woman) doesn't mean a friend of or the woman in question. It could be her plumber or accountant for all you guys know! LOL!
Are you dancing around whether it's a friend or not because it could potentially give them away.. or because the slant your story was written in could take a credibility hit if the person wound up being a friend?
I'm sorry. The whole thing STILL seems to be a smoke screen set up by Higley somehow, but, oh well.
I agree with you on that Lady and I don't mean to insult Nelson by saying that. Without a doubt the turmoil is there but just who is doing the squealing and why is where I think Higley comes into play. She could have easily set this into motion so that she wouldn't get her hands messy.

I think Nelson was right when he said this would damage Days and they would never recover. I'm not sure my take on that is what he meant though. I think its true because Higley's scripts are now going to be shot as is and nobody is going to want to change anything including the little tweaking that typically takes place. The result of that is going to mean the ratings drop even more as the show gets worse.

So rather than having Ed Scott trying his damest to save the show, Higley might have just killed it to save her own ass.
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