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Aug 6 2008, 04:44 PM
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Also, just because you quote one source in a story, doesn't mean it's your only one! U need two to confirm a story or a fact. The only Higley involvement is that she complained to the WGA, and Ken Corday agreed with her complaints. There's a tad more to the story in this Friday's SUDS about Corday's involvement.
I have no doubt that Higley complained to the WGA that action lends creditibilty to the whole situation.

I also don't doubt the story is true, its just the fact that its all been brought to light when the ratings are on the decline and viewers are losing interest. It deflects the blame away from Higley and makes her into the victim.

I still have not heard that anything that was done is really any different than usual. Scenes are constantly being rewritten sometimes, perhaps always when Reilly was writing, without the writers involvement. Actors often try to change things they don't like, we've heard that from them directly. Actors try to fix things that they feel aren't in keeping with their character or history and many times we as fans expect them to do just that. So what about this is different?

I still see this as a way for Higley to divert attention away from her lousy performance as HW. If Days were to fire her now they would probably have more problems with the WGA although it would make the fans very happy.
I thought Nelson said they wrote a lot of stuff... not just lines but scenes and scenes...

I'm on Higley's side. The Diva and Scott needs to realize that Dena is there for a reason. She was hired to write for Days.

And my point is that its not the first time this has happened, I am sure. I can't imagine that in the 40+ year history of soaps and all the stories that have come and gone, that this hasn't gone on. The thing is that someone, Higley, cried wolf.

If Scott and the Diva get fired over this then Higley should too for scabbing. What goes around comes around Dena.

Compare the track records of Ed Scott and Dena Higley. ES was with Y&R for years and they were the top rated show. Higley seems to last about 2 years at best before she's replaced so I tend to think that behind all of this ES has the show's best interest at heart. It also makes it hard for me to believe that ES would do anything that was grounds for his own termination, he's not a newbie but given her track record I find it much more credible to believe that Higley wants to save her own ass.
Ed Scott was FIRED by the great William Bell!
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