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Steve Frame
Aug 6 2008, 05:09 PM
I know it is not worth repeating again, but Ed Scott has been fired from a show before and we do not know the exact reason why. But we do know that writers - prominent soap opera writers like Kay Alden do not like him. Kay Alden is the one who got him fired from Y&R. William Bell did the firing.

Brenda Dickson said she had problems with Ed Scott giving the best stories to MTS.

Ed Scott does not have a perfectly unblemished record.

As to Higley and scabbing, I point out again - YOU HAVE TO HAVE PROOF BEFORE YOU CAN FIRE SOMEONE OR EVEN FINE THEM.

As much as the WGA is wanting to make a scapegoat of someone for scabbing during the strike if there was proof out there that Higley did - you better believe the WGA would have already fried her ass.

I don't doubt that she did scab - the extent of her scabbing I am not so sure - whether it was actual writing or just guiding the writing. If she never wrote anything then there is nothing they can do to her anyway.

All I know is that whatever reason Ed Scott did this for or whoever it was wrong. You can't justify doing something wrong even if it is for the right reason. In the end whatever reason it was for, it has caused Days more problems. And that is all that matters to me. Even if he had good intentions, in the end this could very well cause the end of Days or big enough fines that someone could end up losing their jobs. And I am not talking about him, but most of the time when money is cut guess who pays - the performers that we love - that's who.
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