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^Sadly, I agree Mason.

Steve and Kayla came back strong but now they are merely what J&J were before them...the third supercouple. Tanna has like almost no role, although now they have something that will hopefully lead to more. One mistake Days has consistently made since 2000 is that they push Bo and Hope and John and Marlena and any other couple is left in the dust. I think it just goes back to the discussion we've had numerous times and that is that Bo and Hope and J&M were huge in the 90's and they are more appealing to many of the core fans Days has now. Alot of the fans that enjoyed Steve and Kayla and Tony and Anna the first time around either don't watch or just seem outnumbered or whatever. I also think Days would've been wise to follow the model they used in the 90's Yes, J&J were around in the 90's but it was not the real version. When Matt and Missy returned, the show just messed everything up by tossing them from partner to partner. While the Jack/Greta pairing was nice, the show just did not do a good enough job showing more recent fans what the couple was about. The proper J&J dynamic was not shown in it's glory until right before they left in 2006. Up to then, there were only flashes.

Same goes for Steve and Kayla and Tony and Anna. There have been flashes but nothing else. They really should have had Kayla have other men in her life or the whole Ava thing should've came into play earlier and been longer. I think J&J, Steve/Kayla, and Tony/Anna needed threats to their relationship. Fans needed to see them fight to be together like Bo and Hope and J&M did in the 90's because, essentially, new and recent fans fell in love with those couples in the 90's, much like older fans did in the 80.s Older fans were reminded in the 90's of how much they loved those two couples and that is why those two fanbases are the ones catered too and the ones that seem to have the most impact.

I think other couples can still have that but Days needs to show fans why they were so special. Flashbacks isn't enough. The stories have to be good for it to work and so far, except for some flashes, that hasn't happened yet.
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