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What a wonderful interview!

Good job, Nelson. Great questions. Peter was so open and honest. I liked him embracing his gay fans. That doesn't always happen and I like that. His story about how the name for his daughter came about was beautiful. I also liked the part where he discussed the future of the show. I agree with him that Days won't go away easily, with or without NBC. I also liked the part discussing his taking a pay cut. Days has alot of actors and actresses that I think will do that and would continue too because they love it there. Other shows may not have that luxury. It just goes to show you that for some it's just a paycheck. Someone like Peter doesn't seem that way. He seems to enjoy what he does. I think most of the cast at Days is like that. He feels he owes alot to the show too so it's a nice gesture on his part. It makes me feel good that he and most of the cast seem to care that much about the show that they will do whatever it takes, personally, to help it.

As I said in the MBE interview thread, I think Ed Scott isn't going nowhere. I think Sony supports him and it just seems like the cast and crew love him so, if push comes to shove, no matter how much Corday may want Higley, in the end he won't have a choice. Higley will have to go.

I do think Peter has reason to like Higley though. Higley likes Bo and Hope and then when you consider the plane crash, Shawn's death, the illness story, and now his current story with Philip and the vow renewal...the character of Bo has seen some of the best material Higley has churned out so she's been pretty good to him.
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