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Aug 6 2008, 02:46 PM
Aug 6 2008, 02:29 PM
I'm in the minority, but I never saw what the big fuss was about with Phelle. I can honestly say that I didn't see all that much chemistry between Martha and JKJ (or Kyle Brandt, for that matter).
See, that's cause chemistry is SUBJECTIVE!! :D
The couples that make it big are the ones who, I guess, have had a great build up with great writing. I don't know whether the "some see it and some don't" couples are at a disadvantage because of writing, storyline, or if it's just taste.
It's like all the rah-rah that's over at NBC and Sony about Chan. I cannot for the life of me see it, but I'm also looking at the storyline and the character personalities, as they were, and the whole coupling thing doesn't fit. Phorgan didn't work for me a few weeks ago because Morgan lost that snark she had and became whiny and needy. The little flirtations Philip and Morgan had this week, coupled with Morgan's "take no prisoners" attitude towards John has made a potential coupling for them more palatable. OK, I will admit: I'm ready for the accent to go, though. it is distracting.
But, I enjoyed MM with both Philips. Couldn't stand her with both Shawns. I never liked JC's Shawn or FF's Mimi til they were put together. I think it was the friendship vibe there. BB's and MM's Shelle seemed too forced (maybe because there wasn't enough down time between Shawns), and I didn't feel BB ever emoted. The snark between Belle and Phillip when he kidnapped her on that boat was much better, for me, than anything Shelle put out.
Now, Tony and Anna's banter? Beautiful! I think chemistry is solidified for me when a couple can banter, and it just seems natural. Bo and Hope have it for me. Steve and Kayla have it. Tony and Anna have it. Phorgan goes in and out with it. EJ and Nicole have the potential for it.
We agree again, my friend :hail: .

To me, the banter is part of the magic. A couple either has a certain magic to them or they don't. That magic transcends any story. A story can suck yet the magic of the couple can make the story somewhat bearable. Take the Zack story which dissolved into a plot-driven mess. That story was carried by the magic between Bo and Hope. It became an awful story but their journey back to each other, even if not presented as well as it should've been, totally made the story much more tolerable. The couples you mentioned do have that special kind of magic, a special quality to them that makes them timeless. J&M used to and then they lost it and I think they can recapture a new sort of magic here eventually. Do I care if they do? Not really but I think they can.

To me, a couple not only has to be magical but human as well. In the 80's sometimes soaps got lost in the fairly tale aspect. I think that aspect is fun but it should never get too over the top. I think fans need to feel like they can find what Bo and Hope have and that they are real people just like them. I think the more relatable, the better. Part of the appeal of soaps has always been escapism but it's been balanced by realism. You can see something happen on a soap that doesn't happen often but as long as it's possible that it CAN happen, it grips the fan more because it's relatable. The person will wonder if that could happen to them and can even place themselves in the character's shoes. So, for me, the couples you mentioned have a magic to them but they are human and relatable and that, to me, is what makes them as great as they are.
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