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A newly awakened Stefano turns the tables on Marlena this week, rendering her catatonic. Joseph Mascolo reflects on his character's sweet revenge.

SOW: How do you feel about Stefano finally getting even with Marlena?

JM: It's about time!

SOW: Sami and Tony confront Stefano about what he has planned for Marlena, while EJ is there. What does Stefano say?

JM: Sami just comes in and starts babbling. It's offensive, as far as Stefano is concerned. Stefano is certainly not going to tell any of them anything, because they have been proven to be untrustworthy. While he was in that catatonic state, he heard the things (Tony and EJ) said to him. He had family turning on him.

SOW: Does Stefano give them any idea he's plotting revenge?

JM: Stefano says he is a strong believer in "an eye for an eye" after what was done to him, and that he's going to make whoever would do something like that to him pay.

SOW: So he has someone go to Marlena's home and inject her?

JM: Yes. Orders are given and carried out by specific people. Since Marlena is the one who injected Stefano with these deadly toxins, he gives her a little taste (of the same).

SOW: Later, after Marlena is rushed to the hospital, Stefano takes over the facilities ventilation system?

JM: What Stefano essentially does is shut off the entire hospital. This vapor (he releases) is going to knock everyone on their butts. It's a gas that makes you hallucinate. People will think they see Stefano, say instead of Tony seeing John. John is the only one who doesn't get affected, because he is in a whole other world that Stefano has put him in. Stefano has got everyone thinking twice about working against him.

SOW: By weeks' end, Stefano is standing over Marlena's hospital bed. What can you tell us about that moment?

JM: It was wonderful. I had a line that was very clever - I told the writer's they did a good job. Stefano comes in, and sees Marlena in bed, and says, "Comfortable? No? Well, that's good. Get used to it." Then he starts to reminisce about what it could have been like between them, what it was, and what it has turned in to.

SOW: Stefano shows Marlena the broken disk containing John's memories and tosses it in the trash.

JM: Stefano tells Marlena the John she knew is stuck on the disk, and there is nothing she can do about it. Stefano has suffered at Marlena's hands. Now he's giving her a couple of mental spankings.

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