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John rushes Marlene to the hospital this week after finding her lifeless body.

"John is a St Luke's when Anna bursts in and says, 'Oh, my God! He's awake!'" recounts Drake Hogestyn (John), noting that John knows "he" is Stefano and "Marlena will be his first target. If Stefano is mobile and functional, there is something already in the works. So they need to find Blondie." Anna and John discover Marlena laying on her apartment floor.

"She's incapacitated," says Hogesytn. "John checks her vitals, see the syringe and notices the puncture in Marlena's neck. He knows whatever has befallen Marlena is exactly what she did to Stefano." While Anna phones 911, John begins CPR.

"The scenes were written with your standard CPR lines, 'Can't lose you. Come back to me,'" explains Hogestyn. "But that's not where John is emotionally. Everything is by the book, and it works. John is just as surprised as anybody." A revived Marlena is rushed to the hospital by ambulance. John follows and angrily confronts Stefano about what he had Marlena injected with. Of course, Stefano keeps mum.

"John tells Stefano, because he's targeted Blondie, he now cares about her and anybody in town she cares about," relates Hogestyn. "He's says, 'Anyone you're after has become my friend,' this is now John's mission. Wherever Stefano goes, John will be in his face. That will be a platform John can build on, which will be the crossover into Marlena as her protector."

However, protecting Marlena proves difficult when the toxin in her system renders her partially paralyzed. Just as Kayla finds an antidote, the hospital's 7th floor goes into lock-down and begins filling with a purple vapor. Kayla heads out to investigate... and Stefano shows up to taunt Marlena. Meanwhile, everyone in the hospital is affected by the noxious vapor. That is, everyone except John, who realizes Stefano orchestrated its release and heads to the electrical room with Tony.

"They try to get the ventilation going in the hospital," explains Hogestyn, noting that in the process, John takes the opportunity "to line up Tony's loyalty." He brings up Tony's banishment to the island. John tells him to make a choice between the monster who banished him there for 20 years or the future John can offer him." When Stefano's voice comes over the intercom, telling John it's time to re-boot, Tony makes his choice to align with John and not let Stefano win.

"John's number fear is that Stefano will complete his mission, which is to have full dominance and control over him," says Hogestyn. "Stefano poses a threat in several different areas, and John would like to eliminate him."

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