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The purple gas in the hospital causes Sami to act out against EJ. "Sami hallucinates that when she's talking to EJ, she sees Stefano and freaks out and runs away from him," says Alison Sweeney (Sami). Fortunately, she is able to seek shelter in the stairwell, where there is no gas. "She hears footsteps and thinks it's Stefano coming down after her, so she trips him and falls down the stairs. Moments later, when she's been breathing fresh air and her hallucination clears, she realizes that it's EJ. He's passed out and she feels terribly guilty and upset." Sami pours out her feelings for her ex and he comes to, having heard everything she said. "She doesn't take it back, but at the same time she is forthright about her feelings for Lucas.

She's been putting her feelings for EJ on hold and ignoring them, and he encourages her to be honest and tell him how she feels, and that leads to an intimacy between them." Does the kiss mean another round of "Ejami?" "It's a new understanding between them. Whether that means a way forward for them, I don't know. There's a lot still left to be resolved." Especially since Nicole spies on their lip lock.

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