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Aug 7 2008, 09:52 AM
I am so freaking sick of this round and round. Seriously.
Now I feel sick to my stomach again.
WTF. How is EJ her ex? Her ex stalker? Her ex rapist?
Whatever, I know I'llprobably get rocks thrown at me now, but I don't care, its the truth. I am so freaking sick of this bullshit.
The truth is from the get go Sami has always had "feelings" for EJ - the truth is Sami never acted like she was a rape victim, the truth is over the course of their relationship Sami and EJ have this connection! They shouldn't but they do! Lucas even senses this connection and even he is tired of fighting it! EVERYONE senses this connection! Marlena, Hope, John, Rolf, Roman, Nicole, Chloe, Chelsea, Caroline, Maggie ....

But I am too getting tired of the "I have feelings" for EJ crap - come on Sami!
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