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Aug 7 2008, 10:49 AM
Aug 7 2008, 10:26 AM
Aug 7 2008, 10:19 AM
The Lumi fanbase is still very much the Lumi fanbase. The Ejole fanbase is a fanbase of their own. Fans of the show are allowed to be fans of more than one couple, are we not?
Days is making it nearly impossible to stay a Sami fan, though.
So are you a Lumi fan and a EJole fan too?
Yeah, and I'm also a J&J fan, and a S&K fan, and a Bope fan, and ....

I'm a general fan of the show. Lumi is my favorite couple, but I haven't watched this show for 23 years just for Lumi, obviously.

I liked EJ in the beginning, then I didn't, then he raped Sami and stalked every minute, and I hated his fucking guts. Then they brought on Nicole, and I started to like him a little when he was with her. Now, when he and Nicole are together, I forget that I hated him so much and I really enjoy him. I like Ejole because they are likable.
So you like EJ? He is likeable - but yet you still call him a rapist! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So you have selective stone throwing? You bring out the I hate EJ only when he is in Sami's orbit????
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