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Aug 7 2008, 10:59 AM
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Aug 7 2008, 10:19 AM
The Lumi fanbase is still very much the Lumi fanbase. The Ejole fanbase is a fanbase of their own. Fans of the show are allowed to be fans of more than one couple, are we not?
Days is making it nearly impossible to stay a Sami fan, though.
So are you a Lumi fan and a EJole fan too?

I'm not a Lumi and I happen to like EJole. From what I've seen around a number of forums there is much more to the EJole fanbase than former or current Lumis. There are former EJamis and people like me, people that didn't even really care or like EJ until he befriended Nicole.

I'm sure there are ejole fan who were not lumi fans .... but there have have been polls on various boards and most ejole fans are Lumi fans!

I am personally an EJ fan and I want the best storyline for him! IMO saddling Sami with EJ right now would not be in the best interest of the character I like because Ali is going on maternity leave. Plus Ali will also start taping TBL again in September ... It is not a good time for EJ or Lucas to be saddled with Sami it could mean less air time!

Polls are meaningless. Here's the thing, unless you are a Lumi or an EJami the likelihood of a viewer caring enough to vote on a poll is unlikely. EJole has a number of previously burned fans that just aren't ready to ship.

I do agree that it would be a waste for Lucas or EJ should be saddled with Sami at this time.
Polls are not meaningless when they are consistent and when it different polls from different boards showing the same pattern!
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