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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: Sami kisses EJ!
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Aug 7 2008, 11:31 AM
Aug 7 2008, 11:26 AM
I have voted in plenty of those polls, and to say that the majority of EJole fans are Lumi fans is simply not accurate. However, how many "fans" of Chloe and Lucas are not Ejami fans? Hmmm ....
It is true most Lucas and Chloe fans are EJAMI fans - it cuts both ways .... I think personally that Lucas and Chloe are totally a MISS! and have zero chemistry ... My point is when the Lumi/Ejole fans start throwing the RAPE word around AGAIN I am going to call them on it .... it is a self serving agenda nothing more!
I am a member of an EJole fan site, and there are at least as many former Ejami fans there as there are Lumi fans, and a whole other group of EJff that were never EJami fans at all.

It is not a self-serving agenda, it is part of the characters history, whether you like it or not. EJ is Sami's rapist, just like Lucas is Franco's murderer, and EJ's attempted murderer (and EJ is Lucas' attempted murderer as well). I don't deny anybody's history. I used to hate Sami. I used to hate Lucas. I used to hate Kate. I used to hate Nicole. There are several characters that I used to hate, that I now like, because of story-telling. I like EJ when he is with Nicole. Now that Stefano is waking up, and EJ appears to be realigning his loyalties with him, I may stop the progress toward liking him if he starts torturing my favorites again. I don't know yet, I will have to see how it plays out. But I refer to EJ raping Sami because it freaking happened. Sami is my favorite character. I am not going to forget it, or get over it. I may have to stop watching, or at the very least, use my FF button a whole heck of a lot, IF they really go forward with Sami and EJ as a couple.
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