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Steve Frame
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Here is a basic recap of that week:

Lucas told Sami that he was not sure that he could ever forgive her for her tryst with E.J. Sami signed the papers to annul her marriage to E.J. to convince Lucas that she wanted a future with him. Roman and Abe arrested John for drug trafficking, but John insisted that Philip Kiriakis framed him. Philip and Chloe made love. Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie visited Joey in ICU. Steve and Stephanie cheered up Kayla by surprising her with a new apartment and nursery for baby Joey. Family and friends united at Chez Rouge to congratulate Nick on his "go green" grant from the university. Nick told his family and Dean Robbins that he had help preparing the formulas in his grant proposal. Max arrived to wish Nick well and then bolted when he saw Dean Robbins. Bo, Hope, Roman, and Kate celebrated with newlyweds, Tony and Anna. Ava and Nicole became fast friends. Daniel found it difficult to ignore Chelsea at Chez Rouge. Stephanie pressured Max to come clean about his advanced knowledge of chemical formulas and his abrupt exit from Chez Rouge. E.J. was all ears after Nicole suggested a way for him to steal Sami away from Lucas. John seemed touched after Marlena told him that she believed he was innocent. Ava received good advice from Marlena.

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