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Well, I'm certain that the likes of Max/Stephanie and Daniel/Chelsea aren't exactly drawing in that 55+ age group. Besides, what else can you expect when the entire genre has seemed to deliberate set out to kick that particular demo to the curb over the last several years. IMO, that's rather ironic since that demo is probably the fastest growing demo out there what with all the aging babyboomers. This is the demo who've grown up with soaps and have watched them for eons, only to have TPTB tell them that they (and the characters they're most interested in) are not important. I read somewhere, once (and this has been only recently) an article that stated that, once upon a time, soaps were a legacy entertainment form that was handed down from generation to generation. Most viewers started watching their favorite soaps when they were young because of their parents and grandparents, yet went on to state that this is no longer the case. Well a big fat DUH! TPTB have almost deliberately set out to exclude and ostracize their older viewers which has resulted to them leaving in droves, leaving no one to introduce the genre to that all popular (at least to TPTB) younger teen demo that they believe will pick up the habit and stay for a lifetime. Unfortunately, none of their teen-targeted stunts have seemed to have picked up enough of that younger demo to replace the older demo that they've managed to turn off. It's like throwing the baby out out with the bathwater. IMO, all TPTB in the genre at every level have been extremely short-sighted in this regard.
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