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Aug 7 2008, 05:37 PM
Aug 7 2008, 05:32 PM
Aug 6 2008, 05:08 PM
To add to my reply above: take the case of Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans. Now, there are people who don't like them, but I think there are few who would deny that "Patch" and Kayla definitely brought a positive vibe to Days. However, when there was an attempt to recreate the romance between two new characters on General Hospital, it failed miserably. Same actors. Same natural vibe. So, can you explain that if not the writing and the situation?
I personally don't think SN and MBE generate on screen romantic chemistry together on Days either (which is part of why I don't like S&K). I've watched 80s clips of them online, and yes they were on fire together then, but that was in a different decade. They were reunited years later on screen they didn't have the same spark on GH or on Days during their return. To me, it's not an issue of writing, it's just that they've lost their sparkle together as screen partners over the years. That's why I didn't like Stefan and Katherine together, no chemistry and they were boring together (although I did like Stefan himself, he was a Cassadine afterall :P ).
I've seen couples with sizzling chemistry even if the writing is not up to par. Lucky and Sam on GH are a good example, they kept getting the same bland, repetitive dialogue, it was so awful that Kelly said she and Greg tried to edit their lines when they would shoot scenes as much as they were allowed to (which obviously wasn't much since they were still saying the same thing to each other in almost every scene). They weren't intended to be a long term couple or a couple to "root for", and the writing for them showed. However, the actors had the palpable chemistry to sell it. It's in their touches, their eye contact, the way their body language is in sync, the way they delivered their lines together, etc, that made Lusam a hot couple I enjoyed watching, and still do. They have a natural vibe between them, whether they're performing love scenes or doing angry scenes, that can't be created by a script.
We'll have to agree to disagree, because you are NOT going to find a couple that 100% of the people agree on as having chemistry.
When I mentioned SN and MBE, I wasn't basing it on your opinion, but the general opinion of board people over several boards and general opinions of soap writers who have mentioned it since they've returned.

I don't know who the hell Lusam is, so I can't judge, but since I don't watch GH, there's a good chance I probably don't think they have chemistry. :D
You're missing out on LuSam :P
I never said that there was a couple that everyone was going to agree had chemistry......I'd never make such a claim since a lot of the time the couples that people rave about as having this "undeniable" melt your screen hot chemistry, I just don't see it:unsure: You watch OLTL right? A good example would be Gigi and Rex, on a romantic chemistry scale of 1 to 10 I'd give them a 2 at best, yet there are many who think they have the 'so hot they melt your screen' chemistry. I just don't see it :unsure:
As for Stefan and Katherine (SN and MBE), I don't know what they say in soap mags but what I've seen online posters say is that TPTB can't create the "magic" of a supercouple on another soap. People against GH bringing Jason Cook to GH, who would obviously be tested with Kirsten Storms, constantly used Stefan and Katherine as their reason why Jirsten wouldn't have the same spark together.
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