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Carolynís Corner

Chatting with two GL actors with very different opinions.

Carolyn: Is morale down with so many big actors leaving?

Actor: Yes, I think it started when we lost Laura Wright [ex-Cassie, now Carly on GH]

Carolyn: She told me she passed [a big exec] in the hall during her negotiations and [the exec] didnít say hello to her.

Actor: Yes, and Laura was really hurt. She thought. ďThat is not how you do business. You come up to me and you tell me how much you appreciate me and you hope I stay. You donít walk past me like you donít see me.Ē Itís never one thing that makes you leave. First they do this, then they do this, and then they are offering this. Sometimes people just say, ďHow can I not go?Ē

Carolyn: Especially if morale is low.

Actor: Yeah. The people at As the World Turns are the only other people that understand how the people at Guiding Light feel; demoralized. You feel every single day you go to work that nobody appreciates you. Youíre treated with no respect.

Carolyn: Can you give me an example of what youíre talking about?

Actor: Getting changed in the backseat of a car without the windows tinted on a busy street while trying to run lines with the actor in the car with you, because you donít have any other time to rehearse. Holding your own lights. Stuff thatís just laughable. And they want a good product from this? The system is there for a reason, so people are taken advantage of and exploited. We all need to have our jobs respected,

Carolyn: Why hasnít the union gotten involved in this?

Actor: The problem is that when you read the union rules, which we all have they say, ďactors will not have to blah, blah, blah, except serials.Ē Every single rule is amended for soap opera because weíve never left the studio before so there are no rules about being on location. Theyíre negotiating all that stuff now. Iíll tell you this: Anybody would be lucky to have GLís actors, because we memorize as much dialogue as they want us to and shoot it out of order in really difficult conditions, and weíve been doing it for a year,

Carolyn: Itís a scary time.

Actor: Yeah and thatís how they keep people in line- they instill fear. Everyoneís afraid the show is going to get canceled, so everythingís fear, fear, fear. I run into people on the street who tell me, ďI canít watch anymore. I donít care about any of those characters and I donít know whatís going on.Ē Thatís not what any of us want. We love the show and we want it to be great.

On the other side of Springfield

Carolyn: Are things getting better at work now?

Actor #2: Yes. It feels better, as though thereís a little more meat. The stories seem more grounded. We have a new writing team. They are cleaning up and wrapping up a lot of the old stories so we can move on the next stories they want to tell. Thereís always that transition period of cleaning up, ending, and then beginning again. We are int aht place tight now, getting the new stories going. That really is the bottom line Ė just tell a story, give the human condition and do it with style.

Carolyn: Do you think the growing pains for the new production model behind you?

Actor #2; I hope so. The thing that a lot of people Ė critics Ė didnít seem to get was that we were working out the kinks on the air. Itís like going to a play out of town before itís ready for Broadway. You canít imagine how many changes there are before itís ready for opening night.

Carolyn: It would have easier for the audience if the stories has been good, to keep us hooked. Because the sound and production quality were not good in the beginning.

Actor #2: Believe me. I hear you, and I totally agree. We fell down on the story end. Things didnít make sense. But I do think itís all coming together now. There are some good scenes coming up. It feels good. All the changes were tough for a lot of people. We lost some of our fans, and I understand that. If we can get a story now that is electrifying, we hope they will come back.

Carolyn: So your message to fans is give GL another chance?

Actor #2: Yes! You wonít be disappointed.

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