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Aug 7 2008, 11:59 AM
Aug 7 2008, 12:35 AM
I like S&K (I know I'm part of a great few, LoL), but I'm not really upset. By now, I've just come to expect them to be playing second fiddle to every other couple on the show (except Tony and Anna).
Well, although I do think the S&K fans are great :P , I don't necessarily think they are that small of a group. To be sure, they have not been given good storylines and their popularity is not the same as it was in their first run. At least message board wise ( I tend to go to a lot of boards), I think they have decent general support, some very devoted fans and some fans that don't like them. It tends to run that way for most couples as far as I can tell (although I will say Bope have the strongest mass appeal). And some boards tend to have stronger favorings (TWOP for example) while others (DR) tend to have less favorable views. Again, I see that for a lot of the couples - e,g., Shelle is loved by some boards while very despised on others.

But I do understand about lowering expectations. LOL At this point, I am just wondering if S&K will get a storyline which actually has a decent ending and hits the right emotional beats.

-Steve got his memory back in such a rush. The brainwashing storyline dragged on forever, had a one day wrap up, Kayla goes off screen for over a month (and, no, IWBASS did not require that much time off at all) and then it is written like it barely happened - any alluding to it was, by my guess, done strictly by Stephen in the way he may have added or tweaked some lines and played certain scenes.

-The Packet storyline was totally built up, and JKJ even mentioned in an interview how he was excited to work with Stephen and Mary Beth. Then it was just quickly yanked and wrapped up and I think JKJ got one day of scenes with them.

-The Ava storyline primarily dealt with Ava's POV which mainly bothered me because Kayla (and MBE) was pretty much sidelined except the last few days (in which she totally rocked her scenes). Then it was just dropped with no real resolution or fall out. Even though people accuse couple fans of only wanting happy stuff, I think most S&K fans were screaming for some big angst and fighting between S&K after all of that. We wrote asking for this to be an opportunity for S&K to deal with the fact that they had been apart for so long and got back together fairly quickly.

-The Baby Joe storyline could have been really good but it seemed to just die out after the big birthing event.

Overall, though, I really am a fan of Stephen and Mary Beth as actors and I can deal with some crappy storylines by just enjoying the performances that they can wring out of the mediocre stuff thrown at them.

Just to make it clear, I don't really think any S&K fans are begrudging this for Bo and Hope at all. It is great to see some romance and we can recognize that the timing would have been a bit awkward right now anyway.
Good post, Ives. Very reasonable and sensible.

What makes this worse is that it always seems like Steve and Kayla suffer from either a writer transition or a story transition. Their return got screwed up with JER being fired, Beth coming in and perhaps a ghost writer, and then Hogan coming on. Then, the brainwash story got railroaded because Corday prohibited Hogan from using characters like Bo and Hope in their story, which would've helped. The show had to transition to the Brady/Dimera stuff so they dropped the brainwashing story and settled it in one day. Then, they get no story until the Pocket story, which was dropped for some reason (this is really the only story they got screwed out of that seemed to not tie in to a transition of some sort). They get the Ava story and baby story but, once the strike ends and the writing team comes on board, that story is all but dropped in a month's time and there is no mention of it until July. Now, they are getting involved again and hopefully nothing stops them from getting their own story. It's time they had a story that was carried through from beginning to end.

Just watch...they'll get one and then Higley will get fired and their story will be dropped again because of a transition :laugh: .
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