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Aug 7 2008, 05:55 PM
The "emotionless card" isn't a "wee bit old", because the man has a hard time feeling for people. He spent a month or two trying to woo Ava and having a good ol' time with her and he seemed to shut things off pretty quickly. You saw how he just threw that letter of Ava's aside and went into defense mode against Stefano. Again, I think that this is just a gateway to him eventually starting to feel something for Marlena.
I agree.

I like the fact that if Stefano targets someone, John takes their side. It works for who he is. Look what he just said to EJ. EJ asked him if he had feelings for Ava. Despite knowing she had feelings for him, he said he had "as much as he was capable of feeling." It's going to take time for John to have a major breakthrough and I think this will do it. This will be the beginning of it and I'm glad it is. It should be a fun journey. With every person Stefano targets, I think John will get closer to who he used to be without actually becoming him. It will be like a redemption for him. He's been manipulating people and pushing them away but now he will go after Stefano and through Stefano he will redeem himself and become a better person in this new skin of his.

I like the fact that they are actually carrying through with this and not just giving us some quick breakthrough for John. They need to take their time with it and use everything that has been happening thus far to further everything and it seems they are.
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