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Good interview. I've always liked SC and he seems to really enjoy Days. I bet he sticks around.

I do agree with him it's not the age difference that is the problem. The problem is the way they came together. They didn't develop it right and the age card was played too late in the game. I think he hopes Daniel ends up with Kate or Lexie too, as do I. He seems to actually be pulling more for Lexie. Just the sense I got.

I would like the sex addict thing too. I think that is a good angle that kind of tarnishes his "perfect image," which will be tarnished anyway when the truth about him and Kate comes out. I'm shocked and happy that is coming out very soon. Makes me wonder if Chan is being dropped because if they are taping that now it must air in early Fall and I suspect Melanie, Max, and Stephanie will be returning then. Perhaps the truth comes out and we get the start of Chelsea/Nick/Melanie.

I also laugh at how no one seems to know what is going on with the writer situation. Higley is so toast once things settle down :laugh: .
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