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Aug 8 2008, 02:05 AM
Aug 8 2008, 01:42 AM
It's going to take time for John to have a major breakthrough and I think this will do it. This will be the beginning of it and I'm glad it is. It should be a fun journey. With every person Stefano targets, I think John will get closer to who he used to be without actually becoming him. It will be like a redemption for him. He's been manipulating people and pushing them away but now he will go after Stefano and through Stefano he will redeem himself and become a better person in this new skin of his.

I like the fact that they are actually carrying through with this and not just giving us some quick breakthrough for John. They need to take their time with it and use everything that has been happening thus far to further everything and it seems they are.
The issue I have with this is that what you're describing already happened last spring, in those scenes where John and Marlena danced prior to her (first) trip to Colorado. John got emotional and told Marlena he needed her in his life. At that point, I thought the writers would be heading down the path you describe. I hope they're finally going to go in that direction now, but I honestly have no faith that they will. If they could lead the story so far astray before, what's to say they won't do it again?
See, I think this is where we always disagree because I see the Ava stuff as something that was needed for the story to get to J&M. I think Marlena needed to see how John would turn to a stranger over her because a stranger has no expectations. He can just be himself and she will accept him. I think Marlena needed to SEE that because, while the writing for her has been crappy up until recently, I think the one thing they've been consistent about is how Marlena felt she could accept him but never really did it. It was more difficult then she thought. I think many fans read that as the show going around in circles but I don't. I see it as Marlena trying to accept him and trying to be with him but then realizing she can't because she still believes her John can return, which is why she became focused on the disk for a bit.

This Stefano thing clearly brings John back into Marlena's orbit and will, perhaps, allow him to show some "old" John traits without actually being him. That may help Marlena come to accept him and I still think there is a reason why they had Marlena read that letter from Ava. I think it will lead to them talking or something.

I guess it's easier to say I'm one of the few, if not the only person, who believes this story has actually come together ok to this point. Not perfectly but pretty good. I know I'm in the minority on that though :laugh: .
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