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Aug 8 2008, 12:26 AM
Why is Tony suddenly so interested in the DiMera empire and protecting Stefano? It's totally out of character (not that Higley's one to practice character based writing).
I don't think it's sudden.

Tony's always been interested. He's just never been interested in how Stefano runs it. Tony was upset when John took control in February. I think it was assumed EJ may get control and then Tony figured he and EJ could work with Lexie on taking the empire in a new direction and making it do good. I've always said one of Tony's goals would be too rebuild the empire and make it a more positive influence. John stood in the way of that and has continued using it for unsavory acts.

Tony's also always been conflicted. Stefano may be his father by adoption but it's still the only father he's ever known, really. Even last Fall, when he outright hated him, there was still that element of father/son. It's only natural. Also, in spoilers for next week, it says that Tony ends up siding against Stefano. I think, more or less, Tony and EJ may view John as a bigger threat because the unknown is always more scary. There is no telling what John could do at any time. The same goes for Stefano but Stefano's been a known threat for years. John hasn't so I suspect that is why Tony gets conflicted at times as well.
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