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Aug 8 2008, 02:14 AM
I think Marlena needed to SEE that because, while the writing for her has been crappy up until recently, I think the one thing they've been consistent about is how Marlena felt she could accept him but never really did it. It was more difficult then she thought. I think many fans read that as the show going around in circles but I don't.
I completely disagree. (Surprise!) I think the writers had Marlena starting to accept John, and then the writers changed their minds. The writers seemed to be building towards a relationship between "New John" and Marlena, especially in the scenes I described. Then, the writing changed course so that Ava could be introduced into the story.

This Stefano thing clearly brings John back into Marlena's orbit and will, perhaps, allow him to show some "old" John traits without actually being him. That may help Marlena come to accept him and I still think there is a reason why they had Marlena read that letter from Ava. I think it will lead to them talking or something.
If it plays out the way you're describing it, I'll be thrilled. But my point was that I have no confidence that this will happen. If Days hires another actress that the writers decide to pair with John, I'm sure all of a sudden whatever trust John and Marlena have built up will suddenly disappear, just as it did before.

(And about your being in the minority on this - on that point, we agree! :biggrin: )
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