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Glad for Days and Y&R. Both were good last week and deserve bumps for this week too. I think OLTL would be better off had it not went from classic soap in May and early June to pretty much all camp. The time travel stuff should've ended after two days and been nothing more then a fantasy. Making it real was dumb and making it last this long is just plan suicidal. I think OLTL would be solidly at 2.0-2.1 if not for that. It would probably be the only ABC soap maintaining. Yes, the whole genre is falling but OLTL was doing decent with good word of mouth and now many fans are upset and ratings are beginning to crash for them too. I hope Ron ends that shit and focuses more on the kind of things that were working so well in May and early June. Right now, in all honestly, I feel like I'm watching a BAD version of Passions at times between the Mendora and Tess stuff we've seen and the time travel stuff.

I hope ATWT and GL start seeing better too. They've been decent of late.

These numbers are sad though. Really sad but, like King said, it seems the execs don't care anymore about the numbers. Who knows what they are obsessing over now.

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