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Aug 7 2008, 09:07 PM
That better be fantasy. EJ would be a fool to choose Sami over Nicole. He needs stability, not a rollercoaster.
i say yes it is the fantasy...for one there is no real choice for ej when it comes to either sami or nicole, he is only associating himself with nicole cause he feels he cant have sami, nicole is ejs substitute person thats been made clear in the writing again and again, he wont ever deny he loves sami still, told marlena that even if he did still love sami, what would it matter, its unreciprocated....just hang on ej...tides about to turn if i know sami gene brady she will do whatever it takes to convince you that once again she chooses you ej.

ej is a fool, a complete and utter fool in love with sami...once you love someone that way it takes a lot more than a random rebound booty call to make it go away, i know from experience it takes a long time to even get back out their dating again much less really truly giving up on a chance at a life with the person that holds your heart. for ej thats is, was, and will forever be sami.
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