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Viewing Single Post From: AMC: Greenlee & Aidan gamble on love

Source: New York Daily News


Friday, August 8th 2008, 4:00 AM

Greenlee pops the question to Aidan today on "All My Children," leading to a raucous wedding next week.

"Greenlee and Aidan go off to Vegas," says Rebecca Budig, who plays Greenlee. "They meet this old couple who should have gotten married, like, 40 years ago. They are getting married now in Vegas, which inspires Greenlee to not waste any more time."

Aidan and Greenlee find a chapel, "and it just so happens that Ryan, Annie, Kendall and Zach show up," says Budig with a laugh. "Isn't that odd? Call me crazy, but aren't there like a thousand chapels in Vegas?"

Since Ryan is secretly in love with Greenlee, it's quite a coincidence.

"There's a moment where we think he might stop the wedding, but he doesn't," says Budig.

Ryan forever holds his peace, and Greenlee and Aidan are pronounced husband and wife.

"Then they all go gambling, and there is a sort of reception. They all hang out together and go dancing right there in the casino."

Greenlee and Ryan share a dance (awkward!) and the partying goes to the wee hours. Then, the newlyweds finally have their wedding night.

"It's beautiful and sweet," says Budig. "Aidan has set up the whole room full rose petals, and they make love."

That's nice. But does Greenlee really love Aidan?

"I think she just wants what everyone else has - happiness - and Aidan gives her that," says Budig. "She is convincing herself she doesn't feel anything for Ryan because he's married. In her mind, he is off limits. She is going to move on with her life. That's what I think, anyway - but I could get the next script and that could all change."

Indeed, Ryan and Annie's marriage is about to hit a serious rough patch, thanks to Greenlee.

"She wants him to realize how crazy Annie is," says Budig. "Not funny-crazy like Greenlee, but really crazy. Nuts."

Comings and goings: Billy Miller (ex-Richie, "AMC") is jumping to "The Young and the Restless" to play Billy Abbott. ... A Martinez (ex-Cruz, "Santa Barbara") joins "One Life to Live" as Langston's uncle in September. Melissa Fumero (Adriana) is also coming back. ... Jon Prescott (Mike) exits "As the World Turns" in October.

Don't touch that dial: Nick confesses his feelings to Katie next week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" (CBS, 1:30 p.m.), which is good timing considering she's pregnant with his child.
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